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creating magic

marg i a.png

Accidentally a masterpiece.

Art. It's really not so much about the result. It's about the process of creation. The magic of the making. Magic IN the making. What you hang on your wall is the sparkle of cells firing together. What you hang on your wall is energy made visible. Art is energy. Art is the answer.

The person behind the canvas.

The artist behind these colourful paintings is Margarita Gressl, situated in the suburbs of the lively city of Graz, mother of four (dragons), business coach, learning, branding and design specialist, founder of BRAINWAVE, who loves to spread her creativity in wide and wild layers of colour on very large canvases.


Her main motive being the human body, beautiful in its strength, dynamics and balance, her art is the celebration of the human form, and she is particularly drawn to capturing the vigor and elegance of women. What sets her apart is her focus on the creative process, rather than the result. A spirit you can feel in the paintings.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, motivation, or just a beautiful piece of art to adorn your walls, Margarita's work is sure to leave a lasting impression. Her passion for art and the process of creation is infectious, and her dedication to promoting female strength is truly inspiring.


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